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Degustazioni di OlioThe food and wine culture of Salento and of the whole Puglia region is strongly linked to love for wine, always present in our kitchens and on our tables.
We have created ad hoc routes for our guests, where tradition, culture, food and meet.
In the season during which the vineyards give the best fruits, there is nothing more beautiful than to treat yourself with an experience discovering the beauties of Salento; where culture, dedication and good food meet, between wineries, vineyards and cuisine.
We organize Wine Tour to give you the chance to get inside the most prestigious wineries of the area, meet the producers and visit the Apulian vineyards under the careful and expert guidance of professional sommeliers. During the tour you will be accompanied the most famous places for the production of renowned vines such as Primitivo and Negroamaro and you will taste only ones will never forget!

You will be accompanied by our staff in the wine tour you selected, and better suited to meet your preferences.

Our proposals include:
no. 2 selected wineries
Taste & Lunch with traditional dishes
Transfers included
Guide / sommelier English speaking
Wine Museums
Points of interest with stops and facilities

Discover Primtivo’s Land
A tour to discover one of the most important vineyards of Salento and Puglia.
Manduria is the heart of this wonderful landscape of red earth and centuries-old vines, grown according to the rules of the classic “Apulian alberello” and set among archaeological sites and ancient villages, remaining faithful to the popular traditions that will make you fully appreciate this wine , which ripens first, but takes us a long time with his deep red, its many facets and its warm fragrances.
A few steps away, we find the colors of the ceramics of Grottaglie, and the skillful hands of artisans who create them!

Discover Susumaniello e NiuruMaru’s
Niurumaru e Susumaniello, the vines of our tradition
A tour to the land of Negroamaro and Susumaniello through stone walls, ancient olive trees, under a golden sun in the middle of two seas: you will discover the Negroamaro, Salento distinctive varietal and Susumaniello, native vine recovered from very few years. You will experience the beauty of our farms and if you choose to taste a few steps from the sea, or immersed in the atmosphere of a cozy country masseria.

The treasures of Vignaiolo
Driven by a passion for wine and love for their land, you will discover the work and dedication of Vigniaiolo, the winemaker, through the beauty of the vineyards and the hidden corners of wineries and farms.
The tour begins in a small cellar, container of archaeological treasures and artwork and dedicated to a single DOC wine reserve and continue through the beauty of a historical farmhouse a few steps from the sea, set among vineyards and Mediterranean vegetation.

Salice Salentino, wine & story
This tour is a small trip to discover places rich in history and curiosity, telling us traditions, but above all they tell of a wine born of this land, and that joins every day two traditional grape varieties such as Negroamaro and Malvasia, giving color and unmistakable scents . To retrace all of this, we will taste the best expressions of this wine, in the places where he was born, in the footsteps of those who created it.

Barocco e Salento: Appellations of Origin GUARANTEED!
Appellations of Origin GUARANTEED! game of words and definitions, to express authenticity! Let’s talk about small realities: the tradition, the family production accompanied by the true hospitality and spontaneity of Salento, and then off for an old winery built in the mid nineteenth century and remained closed for over fifty years, that today shines with its own light and smells of wine in every corner. Finally, we can not remain indifferent to the Baroque and the embroideries of this unique style.

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