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Degustazioni di OlioThe gold of Salento is the extra virgin olive oil, in a territory where thousands of olive trees populate the earth for centuries.

Endless olive groves characterize the entire territory. The same culture of Salento, wheel in many ways around the production of olive oil. Production which is an important source of income and livelihood. The oil for this reason it is also called “the gold of Salento”.

The cultivation of olives and extra virgin olive oil production in Salento dates back to ancient times. Already in the period of the Greeks and Romans the olive tree was cultivated and widespread. It is said that the oil production is even prior to that of the wine. Salento pensiola is rich in centuries-old olive trees from the various and bizarre forms, which seem to be true works of art and sculptures.
There are different varieties of olives. The most widespread in our area are: “Ogliarola” (the most widespread on the Salento territory, nearly 50,000 hectares in the province), the “Cellina of Nardo” and “Coratina”.

For an excellent olive oil we must necessarily pick olives at the right time, usually at the beginning of veraison, using all the care for the cleanliness and integrity of the product, so that the acid value is too high .
The olives must be taken to the mill within 24 hours of picking, and then be ground. Once you get the oil you must store it in a cool place, possibly even the dark, in steel containers or fiberglass. The oil consumption must take place no later than 15 months from production.

The extra virgin olive oil of the Salento is widely used on all dishes, for frying, salads, on Frise or on bread and is a delicacy recognized by many guests who spend their holidays in our beautiful region.

The extra virgin olive oil of the Terra d’Otranto has obtained the label D.O.P. as recognition for the organoleptic quality and the production of oil standard product.

In Salento, in early October and until December, begins the olive harvest. In this period we invite you to visit our land and to taste the extra virgin olive new, freshly squeezed.

Cooking Experience offers several oil tour designed for you to spend a day to discover the secrets of this precious yellow gold.

By the visit of an ancient underground oil mill site in a wonderful Masseria with adjacent olive grove, technical tasting of extra virgin olive oil in a more modern “Oil Bar”, the only one in our area.
These tours that will give you the opportunity to discover the history of this product and to best appreciate its qualities. So you will learn to recognize a true extra virgin olive oil of Salento and we buy directly from the producers.

Our proposals include:
• Walk among the ancient olive trees;
• visit to an ancient underground oil mill
• visit to a Oil Bar
•guided tours
• tastings: oil and typical products
Please contact us for more information, and organize together a customized itinerary.
Contact us for more information and to organize together a customized itinerary to

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