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Fishing TourismFishing- tourism, an idea for a slow, sustainable holiday!
Going out with the fishermen, listening to their stories, watching them while they haul in their nets and collect the “catch”: all this is fishing tourism – a day spent onboard a fishing boat and becoming a skilled fisherman.
It’s a different and unusual experience, suited to whoever wants to live Salento and its sea as only its connoisseurs do – the fishermen – pretending for a day to be someone who has always lived and worked there and is part of the wider context of marine ecotourism and involves the embarkation of non-crew members on fishing vessels for recreational-tourism purposes.

The Fishing tourism is a tourist-recreational activity that takes place aboard original boats used for small-scale fishing, aimed at spreading the culture of the sea and the heritage of knowledge and skills linked to trades and maritime traditions. The activities are conducted by professional fisherman using vessels which are equipped and registered for fishing, with all the necessary safety and hygiene equipment.

Activities include boat excursion, watching and participating in fishing activities, introduction to the fishing methods and gear, preparation of lunch/dinner on board or at shore, providing information on the marine environment and coastal biodiversity of the local area.

Gianna will teach you how to cook with the dainty fresh fish of the day telling about the seafaring traditions and recipes!

Activities can be conducted from May to September, depending on the fishing method and weather conditions.

Starting from the port of Torre Vado, you can leave for a journey full of unforgettable emotions.
With our friends, Captain Nicholas and the sailor Jonathan, we drive south-west, browsing for a mile where we will pull in the nets left in the sea by fishermen the previous day. Passengers who wish may help fishermen pull in their nets and cleaning the fish, or they can just have fun and relax watching the techniques of our fishermen.

We will continue putting back nets in the sea and we will make a nice stop to dive into the clear waters and spectacular of Salento. We’ll stop off at the height of a wreck and, guided by our crew, we could see the remains of the sunken vessel, become a natural habitat for many varieties of fish.

Once back in the port, the fishermen will teach our guests the simple technique for the correct cleaning of the fish. Finally, after following the preparation of the traditional fish soup, we eat the catch of the day on board the vessel, paired with excellent local wines.

The smell of sea water, crystal clear, intense colors of the sunsets and the charm of a long and warm summer evening, rewards the fatigue of the long journey to the tip of the heel of Italy.

For tourists, fish tourism provides them with an authentic and unique experience into the lives of local fishing communities and marine environment of the local area. Such activities when implemented and undertaken successfully reduce the risk of traditional fishing methods being lost or forgotten.

The activity of fishing tourism was an innovative proposal to meet the need for diversification of the fishery and to redevelop a market share of tourism in the existing part, with the addition of an item of particular interest, which is perfectly in line with the need for policies that meet the criteria of a “responsible Tourism”

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