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EstateThe sea breeze, the warm sunshine, the festivals, but especially good food, to enjoy a delicious summer break in Salento.

Each season has its typical and summer dishes are more light and fresh, not giving up the taste and authenticity of raw materials.

On traditional summer recipes we find dishes such as “Ciambotto Salentino”, a stew of summer vegetables, tasty, rich and appetizing. It ‘a very simple dish from the peasant cuisine, made with seasonal vegetables like peppers, eggplant and tomatoes, at the peak of their ripeness and flavor. It ‘a riot of flavors, fragrances and colors: the summer in the pot!
Then move on to pasta to crudaiola, easy and delicious recipe prepared with homemade orecchiette, seasoned with small tomatoes, wild rocket and cacioricotta cheese. And finally the Salentine summer symbol par excellence: “Frisa”! Eaten especially in the summer, a time when we find the best fresh tomatoes, collected in local countryside.
Quick to prepare and delicious to the taste, Frisa has become the symbol of Salento enogastronomy. Made with wheat flour or barley flour, you must “sponzarla”, that is to say dip it in the water for a few seconds, better still using the traditional Sponza frize. After that, it is flavored with cherry tomatoes chopped or squeezed, a little olive oil extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt and lots of oregano. Some people then we add pickled vegetables, tuna or other ingredients of your choice.
These are just some of the delicacies that you will enjoy during your summer holiday in Salento, and why not prepare them with your hands! They will have a completely different flavor, the authentic taste of our tradition.
You will learn with Gianna delicious and fresh summer recipes, prepared with the best seasonal products. You will buy the raw materials at the market, directly from local producers, to use them into the kitchen of Cooking Experience.
But not before having tasted the delicious Leccese Coffee, the traditional iced coffee with almond milk!
A journey through the flavors of a hot summer that will leave a lasting impression. From breakfast to dinner, going for coffee, Salento will know how to give you a tasty dream with its traditional dishes!
Cooking Experience has a large variety of cookery courses available every summer!

Our culinary courses are a wonderful way to learn more about the fundamental techniques in cuisine, pâtisserie or wine in entertaining and informal classes.
Whether you are preparing for a professional cooking career or just wish to study over the summer for your own interest you should be able to find a summer programme for you.

And if your Salento holidays are still far away, you can improve yourself in the kitchen preparing “Orecchietet alla crudaiola” following Gianna’s recipe by clicking the link below:
Orecchiette alla crudaiola

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